CrowdPie is for anyone who


Process government data
When you process, store or share classified information with government agencies you are required to meet national security standards. Crowdpie enables you to collaborate with government staff seamlessly while meeting these standards.


Process health related data
When you process or store health related requirements, you must meet certain security and privacy requirements defined in regulations such as HIPAA (US), NEN7510 (NL) or HISO10029 (NZ). Crowdpie takes care of these requirements and enables you to collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues, patients, and other health institutions.


Process personal(PII) data
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and many National Privacy Acts require Real estate agents to protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from tenants, landlords, sellers and buyers of property. CrowdPie offers Real Estate agents the ideal tools to manage property documents while complying with those regulations.

Why CrowdPie?


Connect, Chat and Share
Send encrypted messages and share files with your team and clients


Agile Task Management with Kanban Board
Crowdpie gives you the ability to drag-and-drop tasks and manage multiple projects, teams and documents all in one place.


Integrate with other systems
With our API you can integrate CrowdPie with your own systems or with other platforms


Your Brand
Clients and partners already rely on your brand. Why not to brand the portal with your own logo and use your own domain name to maintain trust with them?


Maintain Data Sovereignty
Crowdpie lets you choose your location during the registration process to ensure data is properly maintained at the location of your choice. Read more about data sovereignty on our blog.


Superior Encryption
We leverage zero-knowledge encryption, paired with a custom Key Management System. This means, not us, not your Internet provider, and not the government can get to the keys without your cooperation.


Time tracking
Track the time that you and your team members spend on projects and produce real time reports.


Security and Privacy compliance
CrowdPie is built with security and privacy by design. We comply among others with HIPAA, ISO27001, ISO27701, GDPR, NIST, NZISM.


Pre-defined project types
Whether you are leading a sales team, a recruitment agency or developing software, in CrowdPie you have all forms of online collaboration tools in one place to complete your tasks successfully.

What is all this fuss about security and privacy?

If you use any of the main online providers
like DropBox, Slack, Trello, Microsoft Teams, Atlassian, Google Suite
you might think that your data is protected!


Happy Customers

Join hundreds of satisfied customers using our services globally.

Easy to Use

Good combinations of modern collaboration elements such us workflows, agile board, tasks and drag and drop, instant messaging etc.... Excellent value for money. Recommended 100%

By Scott Morris

Access logs

I know who has access to what at any point of time- what else do I need!!

By Sem

Customer Service

The software and customer support are both top-tier! Thank you for providing us tools simple to use with great support.

By Thomas

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